JConnectA is the passionate one-man company of Jeroen Gelderblom. Jeroen Gelderblom connects parties between the worldwide horticulture production and the market in the Netherlands or elsewhere in the world. International networking and matchmaking activities are the core-business.

      Our mission

Providing reliable and pro-active services in a transparent system in which partners feel respected and happy, with a focus on fair trade, sustainability, social responsibility and becoming stronger together with a result to create rendement for the whole chain.

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My Philosophy.

I am for more than 20 years happy and passionated working in the
international Horticulture and Agriculture world.
My speciality is to select, connect and guide people and companies who
want to make international business relations in a respectful, fair,
social responsible and sustainable way.
WHY? : I want to build long term relations in the supply chain who
wants the make the difference and where everybody is satisfied with
working together.
Recently, I've been working with new developments and contacts in order to create new ideas for making the future for my business friends and partners better and stronger and bring them on a higher level.
I'm working with my passion for traveling around the world and consider the international business as a big challenge to bring people together with difference in culture, mentality and life -circumstances on the same line with one common goal;
to provide a service where everybody in the chain feels happy and respected and with a final result to make profit with each other.
HOW? : I want to listen and understand first of all what is important for YOU?
I do not want to offer only my service, but most of all, I want to win your trust and confidence!